The Best Slogans in Advertising

Published: 18th February 2010
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Slogans are the sign-off that accompanies the logo. They play a very important role in advertising. It is because they linger on in one's mind even when the advertisement is long gone. Slogans' goal is to stick in your mind.

Unfortunately, ad slogans don't always work, usually because they are common, ready-to-wear, off-the-shelf quotes that are taken out and polished, ready to be used again and again when the creative juices have stopped oozing out.

Some of the features for good slogans include being brief, memorable, original, wearable, and it should include the key benefits (USP) of using your company's products or services. Probably the most important criteria is the ability the line has to be remembered unaided.

Inserting your USP into the theme line can be harder done than said, as you have only a short line of text to work with. However, word associations go a long way in conveying messages, so you might want to work with that.

So what makes a slogan great? All of the above factors plus something more - nobody knows what is contained in "something more"! Instead of talking about the theory, why not have a look at a few extremely successful slogans:

• Think different (Apple) - This slogan was a little tweaking done to the also successful IBM slogan "Think". Think about it - 2 words and it tells you what Apple is known worldwide for!

• Don't just book it, Thomas Cook it (Thomas Cook) - This slogan, though not of 2-3 words, is rhyming and hence easy to remember. It also states in short that whenever you need to book for a holiday, go for Thomas Cook!

• The Citi never sleeps (Citi Bank) - What a pun and what a result: extremely catchy slogan which also brings out the USP that Citi bank is ready to help round the clock!

• When it rains, it pours! (Morton Salt) - clearly states, in an interesting way, the USP of the salt i.e. it doesn't absorbs moisture from atmosphere and always remains dry!

• Finger lickin' good (KFC) - how apt when you know that people lick their fingers while having delicious chicken recipes. This slogan is short, simple and precise!

Hope you have got that "something more" which best slogans in advertising are made of!

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